Student opinions about online Polish courses

Student opinions
Le ccours de polonais e-learning

Szkoła języka polskiego wg Christian

An excellent course for learning Polish. I'm astonished that such a great wealth of exercises is available for each topic covered in the course. As a result, even difficult subjects are clear and my ability to understand and use Polish is progressing to a higher and higher level.

Elisabeth o kursie języka polskiego
Wielka Brytania

Congratulations - a brilliantly implemented website! I really like the way the material is introduced and the fact that it only uses Polish. At the beginning I thought that without using English I wouldn't learn anything, but it really works! Of course I make use of the grammar commentary in English but this is only to make sure that I understand everything well. There are so many dialogues, recordings and optional exercises that there is no way you can fail to understand something.

Nauka polskiego Antonio

I've tried to learn several languages online, but got quickly discouraged, either because the course was too communicative, or because it was too "traditional". I didn't have the chance to learn Polish any way other than online, so I wasn't entirely convinced, but I registered for a course on To my surprise, for the first time I encountered a course there where the communicative method was accompanied by clear grammatical commentary. At the start of the course I relied on this fairly often, but I now I have convinced my self that the material is so fantastically well prepared that I don't really need the comments. I really am learning through pure communication.

opinia o kursie języka polskiego Rosa

It really works! The idea behind the course is great - I'm increasingly drawn into the action and getting to know the characters, and at the same time it seems that I'm understanding and speaking better and better. My Polish teacher is also shocked at my progress ;-)

Kurs języka polskiego okiem Ben

I decided to learn Polish using not without my share of doubts. However now, after two months of learning, I have to admit it was a good decision. With limited time to study, this program gives me complete flexibility. I recommend it to anyone interested in the Polish language.

Polish language course by Satoshi

I am surprised at the possibilities afforded by this course. I have studied English, German and Spanish with the help of computer programs and I didn't suspect that a program for learning Polish would appear which in many ways exceeded those programs. Even though I've only been learning for a month I'm sure that shortly I will be able to speak Polish.

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