Polish language courses for foreigners

Polish language courses for foreigners
Learn Polish in Krakow

Polish language courses run at the GLOSSA Polish Language School are addressed to foreigners living in Poland. We offer Polish lessons at all levels – from beginner (A1) to advanced (C2). We offer a wide range of courses tailored to the individual needs of our students. Our offer includes semester courses with classes taking place only twice a week or intensive Polish courses with classes taking place every day. For the most demanding, we also offer a Polish language course using a one-to-one method with a teacher.

We are aware that the Polish language is a difficult one to master, and so we ensure that our teaching methods make the Polish learning programme a fascinating adventure. Our teaching is based on communication and task methods. Grammar – a key component of language – is always presented in a specific context and practised in realistic communication situations as part of the Polish language lessons.

Apart from traditional language learning, our Polish language courses give students the opportunity to learn more about different aspects of Polish culture. An important element of our courses are extracurricular activities and workshops, and so the programme includes such topics as: Polish history, Polish cuisine, famous Poles, tourist attractions, etc.

Ahmed w szkole języka polskiego

Polski jest bardzo trudny, ale udało mi się go trochę nauczyć dzięki Glossie. Zajęcia były bardzo ciekawe, a nauczyciele cierpliwi i doświadczeni.


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