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We ensure highly effective training thanks to our "cut to size" courses

Our extensive range of offers includes both individual training for the management team, individual online lessons, and also group courses for employees in the subject of general, business or specialized language.

We ensure highly effective training thanks to our "cut to size" courses. Before starting the training we always pay a lot of attention to providing a detailed needs analysis and planning a cycle of teaching, and then we translate the needs and goals set by the client into the most appropriate form and kind of course.

Determining the level of the learners

A precise language assessment is carried out on the basis of a grammar test with a language consultant. This two-stage system allows us to precisely quantify active and passive knowledge of the language. Verification of level is carried out at a convenient time and place for the customer.

Analysis of objectives and needs

Based on the interviews with the students, our consultants carry out a needs analysis, which means they establish which areas require improvement and work out which thematic topics should be covered in the training program. Additionally, conversations with a representative of the training department of the client allow us to discover the goals and objectives for the training as set by the client.

Choice of teachers

When selecting the teachers who will lead a course for a particular group we take into account both their experience in the field (e.g. business, banking, law, etc.) and their personality in order to best meet the customer's expectations.

Preparation of the program and materials

On the basis of the data obtained during the needs analysis, we work out a detailed program of training, which also takes account of all kinds of restrictions and conditions (e.g. time, budget, availability of employees).

The course books used during training are selected according to the needs of those taking part. Depending on the curriculum we supplement these course books with teaching materials developed according to the level and goal of the training.


During the training we monitor the quality of the teaching and the level of the implementation of the program. For this reason, the class documentation is monitored, lesson plans are checked, observations are carried out and anonymous surveys are filled in by the training participants. At the same time, we control the progress of the teaching using periodical tests and final tests at the end of each step of the training.

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