E-learning Polish course

E-learning course
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Our e-learning course was developed by our teachers and thoroughly tested through teaching Polish to people from different countries, of different ages and at different levels.

From the first lesson, Polish is the only language that you will hear and that you will use. By looking at the pictures and illustrations and listening to the dialogues you will learn the language in a natural way - similar to how a child assimilates the language by listening and observing the world around them. You will learn new words, phrases and grammatical structures in their natural context and in a carefully planned sequence. You will find that soon you begin to understand the Polish language and will learn to speak and even think in that language.

The fictional formula of the course - the adventures of our heroes who come to Cracow from different countries to learn Polish - will keep you glued to the process of learning. You yourself won't even notice when you start to use the Polish language fluently.

  • POLSKI krok po kroku 1
    – level A1/A2
  • POLSKI krok po kroku 2
    – level A2/B1
  • POLSKI krok po kroku - junior 1
    – level A1
free demo

Find out about the effectiveness of e-polish.eu! We encourage you to try out our free demo lesson.

Remember that you can further develop your communication skills by complementing the course with additional one on one lessons with our teachers online.

With the online platform e-polish.eu:
  • You can learn not only during your stay in Poland but also after returning home
  • You choose when and where you want to learn
  • You have access to a huge amount of visual materials and audio recordings - all the exercises that appear as part of the course are interactive multimedia exercises in an attractive format, allowing you to quickly check your answers
  • You can find extra exercises that will help you master even the most difficult aspects of Polish grammar
  • You'll find that grammar isn't that difficult after all: our interactive grammatical tables and grammar commentary will help you understand it. Additionally, for every verb you will find the conjugation tables, and for nouns and adjectives the declination tables.
  • You have access to a multimedia glossary, including not only translations but also examples of use, illustrations and the pronunciation of the given word or phrase. What's important - in the dictionary you can also find the alternate forms of nouns, verbs and adjectives.
  • You can make use of our vocabulary preservation module: a special system for remembering new words, phrases and expressions.

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Polish language course by Satoshi

I am surprised at the possibilities afforded by this course. I have studied English, German and Spanish with the help of computer programs and I didn't suspect that a program for learning Polish would appear which in many ways exceeded those programs. Even though I've only been learning for a month I'm sure that shortly I will be able to speak Polish.


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